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Fri, Aug. 11th, 2006, 03:40 pm
joselle69mayer: Continuum

So.. this is what John posted on his myspace....  myspace.com/johnmayer


Continuum First Listen

Isn't it strange how these days, the last thing you hear by a band is their record? You hear the live acoustic performances, the "bonus content", the late night TV appearances - but sometimes you've had enough before you even make it to the one piece of work that all those other performances were meant to cater to...

Not this boy. I want you to hear my new music the old fashioned way.

On the radio.

Wednesday, August 23, on STAR 98.7 in Los Angeles, I'll be DJing my ENTIRE ALBUM, front to back. Time is TBA, but it should be sometime around the drive time (5ish PST). For anyone heading out to the shows that take place before the official release, now you have the material to bone up on so that you have maximum show enjoyment.

You can also listen to the record LIVE on STAR 98.7's web site.

A week later, the record will be made available on other radio stations. Check with your local Nickelback provider to see if they're carryinig it.

Remember when you used to tape the radio? No? Well I used to. It was fun.

Who wants to listen to music on Windows Media Player. BUFFERING...28àYuck. No faster download than FM.

I just want you to hear my music. Is that so wrong?


Visit johnmayer.com for exclusive blogs and the latest information.

Wed, Jul. 12th, 2006, 02:13 pm
mongoose1313: John Mayer presale tickets!

Hey guys--just checking in to see if you all knew about the exclusive access to the best tickets, even before the general public has access. I just got mine and all I can say is that it is worth it. If you appreciate John and you want to show it, just follow this link:


If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask and I will answer to the best of my ability.

Get yours now!

Mon, Jun. 19th, 2006, 09:17 pm
joselle69mayer: Tour

Sorry, I forgot, he's going to start touring in August with Sheryl Crow...

Mon, Jun. 19th, 2006, 09:11 pm
joselle69mayer: CONTINUUM

"Continuum"  Will be coming out SEPTERMBER 12th

Sat, Feb. 11th, 2006, 01:26 pm
damnke3: Question

This is just a quick question for all of you Mayer fans out there: Any word on when John's releasing Continuum?

I had originally heard spring of '06, but I haven't heard anything since then. *shrug*

Thanks for the help!

Sat, Oct. 15th, 2005, 09:03 pm
_megdizzle_: (no subject)

It is officially 12am EST, meaning...


Fri, Oct. 14th, 2005, 11:00 pm
tourniquetvixen: Join

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Fri, Sep. 16th, 2005, 01:14 am
heatherbee41: New Message Board

Great Indoors - A John Mayer Discussion Board

Come on in and play!

Sat, Sep. 3rd, 2005, 04:33 am
_cov3rdnrain83_: (no subject)

um.... new to the community...

and really excited that i'm going to see john in one month, 1 week at the avalon with one of my greatest friends.

i'm curious to know what ppl's favorite songs are.

mine are...
st. patrick's day
clarity (acoustic version)
and hummingbird.

who else loves these things??

.... oh, p.s... lyrically, sucker completely rocks harder than nething else, ever.

Thu, Aug. 4th, 2005, 12:25 pm
cotton_candy88: John Concert!!!!!

I've been trying to get JM tickets for like 4 days now, and had no luck. i was starting to give up hope, but my dad just told me he already bought 2 tickets! I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna see John! He's playing at Avalon, which is a nightclub so it'll be more up close and personal than at the ginormous Tweeter Center. Oh man I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

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